Peralta Trail Hike

The Creator of Heaven & Earth granted me 4 hours of pure enjoyment of His creation in the midst of the Superstition Wilderness this morning. I hiked Peralta Trail up to Freemont Saddle to catch a glimpse of Weavers Needle. It was an elevation change of 1,300 ft up and down.

Met many people some of whom accepted Gospel tracts, and some rejected the Good News of Jesus Christ. One couple identified themselves as saved believers on the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ from Blacksburg, VA. We had a delightful conversation and they thanked me for handing them a tract.

There were two men on horses, and we passed each other several times. They did not make it all the way to the top due to the rough and rugged terrain. The landscape was studded with gorgeous flowers and "meticulously" arranged boulders. The Lord's creation sang songs of praise to His Glory this morning on Peralta Trail.

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Arizona's Beautiful Flowers

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The Superstition Wilderness

My playground since the mid 70s has been the Superstition Wilderness. It is located 40 miles east of Phoenix, AZ and only 10 miles from my home in East Mesa, AZ. It is directly adjacent and east of Apache Junction. It is comprised of 158,000 acres and has been designated as a Wilderness area by the National Wilderness Preservation System in 1964.

It is a rugged mountainous topography boasting many deep canyons surrounded by steep and lofty ridges. Nestled in this Wilderness are three lakes. Apache Lake, Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake..

This entire area is a "heaven" for hikers, boaters, fishers, campers and others, who love outdoor activities. My sons and I learned to waterski on these lakes back in 1977.

The highest elevation is 5057 ft, which is 3,000 ft higher than the surrounding geography. One of the favorite hiking trail is Siphon Draw which leads all the way up to Flat Iron, which yields a most rewarding view of the city of Apache Junction and some of the other adjacent cities. Wildlife abounds in seasonal manners. There are all kinds of snakes, including Rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, Tarantulas, Javelinas, mountain lions, and many more. The video below is a sample of the beauty of God's creation in this wilderness area.

Please turn up the volume for a beautiful song about Arizona.

Superstition Wilderness

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