Romans, the Gospel of God's Grace

Romans is a Master Piece of Gospel Truth written by the Apostle Paul and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

In a most orderly and structured manner this book delineates

1. The sinfulness of all men (including the pagan, the self righteous moralist, the Jew and essentially the whole world).

2. It reveals how a righteous God is able to declare a believing sinner "just," without jeopardizing His own righteousness.

3. It shows how a new born child of God can be sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

4. It answers the questions regarding God's plan of the ages for the Israelites.

5. And finally gives specific exhortations how to live the Christian life.

Understanding the doctrinal teaching of Romans will shed light on many other parts of Holy Writ. No Christian should live a life without a thorough grasp of what God has written for us in this "Spiritual Gem." I trust and pray that these lessons will help the Bible student gain a deeper understanding of the GOSPEL and God's Word in general.

These lesson have been taught by me in several churches during the past 20 years. The lessons are in PDF format, which can be downloaded and printed in your home. At this time the lesson for Chapter 7 is missing, but will be added soon, and lessons for chapter 12 to 16 are in progress. If you have any questions please email me by going to the contact page on this website. May the Lord bless you as you endeavor to get to know Him better through His Word.